Cinematic Spotlight Logo Opener


BUY FOR $20.00
Hello everyone. Let me present to you some fun Cinematic Spotlight Logo Opener.

  • Full HD resolution,
  • 25 fps, 14 seconds long,
  • After Effects CS3 and above,
  • No 3rd-party plugins required,
  • All colors are easily customizable,
  • Video tutorial included (HD resolution),
  • Font used in the project is Capsuula.
  • Audio track included.

Change logo simply by importing raster or vector image file into the project. Adjust
the mood of the clip with some color sliders that alters dust, debris, composition
tint and light beam colors.

The main lamp animation is done in Cinema 4D and rendered with multi passes, so you
can change colors or brightness to Ambient Occlusion, Shadow, Light Beam or even the
main RGBA of animation.

There are two “Dust Hits”, two “Falling Dust”, welding and debris pre-renders for you
to use.

Have fun you guys:)
P.S. Please rate if you buy it. You’d help me a lot with this. Thank you:)