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Ultimate essential addons for Elementor Page Builder with 185+ of the most popular and essential elements that you need for everyday use in website page building.

Development of the Element Pack addons for Elementor has the world’s best practices in code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5, and PHP 7.x (Tested up to 7.4)
technology to bring you a professional addons for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 5.5.x ready and compliant.

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability.
There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

Because now you can easily one-click live copy and paste into your website. Even you can import them from the template library.

It’s also multilingual ready, including 15+ languages and support RTL language.

Included Ready Made Homepages:

110+ Pages and 1100+ sections/blocks + 160+ Header and Footer already included more pages, blocks, header and footer design are coming very soon…

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Every Widget Control is Now in Your Hand

Element Pack Included Widgets

3rd Party Plugins Supported

We are really happy to give support some of the most popular plugins. Here are some that we have widgets for now and more are coming soon.

NOTE: You need to download or purchase separately those 3rd party plugins. 3rd Party plugin NOT included with our package.

3rd Party Themes Compatibility

Our addons supports almost all themes but we tested some of the most popular can confirm that it works properly on the following:

Version Change-log [Full Changelog]

## 5.6.0 [22th November 2020]

### Added

- [Vertical Menu](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/vertical-menu/) Widget Added
- [Breadcrumbs](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/breadcrumbs/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Campaigns](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-campaigns/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Donations](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-donations/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Donors](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-donors/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Form](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-form/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Login](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-login/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Profile](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-profile/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Registration](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-registration/) Widget Added
- [Charitable Stat](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/charitable-stat/) Widget Added
- [Give Donation History](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-donation-history/) Widget Added
- [Give Donor Wall](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-donation-wall/) Widget Added
- [Give Form Grid](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-form-grid/) Widget Added
- [Give Form](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-form/) Widget Added
- [Give Goal](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-goal/) Widget Added
- [Give Login](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-login/) Widget Added
- [Give Profile Editor](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-profile-editor/) Widget Added
- [Give Receipt](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-receipt/) Widget Added
- [Give Register](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-register/) Widget Added
- [Give Totals](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/give-totals/) Widget Added
- [Calendly](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/calendly/) Widget Added
- [The Newsletter](https://elementpack.pro/demo/element/the-newsletter/) Widget Added
- Auto Hiding Menu option added in Navbar Widget
- Skin Flip Added in Member Widget
- Content Position & spacing option added in Hover Box Widget
- Slide Sets option added in Advanced Image Gallery Widget (Thanks Travis Kubicek)

### Fixed

- We optimize our all assets (css and javascript) for faster loading. Now our widget will load 50% faster than before.
- Line Circle color  and size issue fixed in Timeline Widget (Thanks Tajammul H. Qureshi)
- Button Alignment issue fixed in Fancy Tabs Widget
- Svg Color issue fixed in Fancy Tabs Widget
- Navigation fraction arrows and arrows spacing issue fixed
- Item Style issue fixed in Twitter Carousel Widget ( Thanks Lukas Bauerle )
- Height issue fixed in Open Street Map Widget (Thanks Laurent Oz-média)
- ID issue fixed in Navbar Widget (Thanks Oleg Malkov)
- Parent Indicator fixed in Navbar Widget (Thanks Barak Levy)
- Quick view variation selection issue fixed in WooCommerce product widget (Thanks to Hannah)

## 5.5.0 [6th October 2020]

### Added

- Custom JS Extended option added
- Button ID option added in advanced button widget
- Image Size option added in Fancy Card Widget
- A few new options added in Lottie Icon Box Widget 
- Custom post type option added in Tags Cloud Widget
- [Element Pack Essential Shortcodes Alert, Author Avatar, Author Name, Badge, Breadcrumbs, Button, Clipboard(copy), Current Date, Current User, Label, Lightbox, Notification, Page Title, Page URL, Post Date, Site Title, Site URL, Tag List, Tooltip](https://elementpack.pro/knowledge-base/how-to-use-element-pack-essential-shortcodes/) Added
- HTML functionality added on Custom content in Modal Widget  (Thanks Hakeem Sisney)
- Invisible option added in marker widget
- Overlay color option added in portfolio carousel and gallery skin abetis, Fedara

### Fixed

- Link target issue fixed in Fancy Icons Widget (Thanks Shray Kumar)
- Checkbox style issue fixed in Formidable Forms Widget
- Loop issue fixed in Lottie Icon Box Widget 
- Categories registered issue fixed (Thanks to Tony Keller)

### Updated

- Template library completely restructured and make it future proof for upcoming huge template addition. now item search and filter will work smoothly

## 5.4.0 [18th September 2020]

### Added

- Tags Cloud Widget Added
- Notification Widget Added
- Formidable Forms Widget Added

### Fixed

- Section delete problem in editor fixed
- Skin Hazel & Vast Text issue fixed in Post Slider Widget
- Honeycombs link disabled for editor (Thanks to Nathan Walker)
- Scrollspy Time problem fixed in Tabs Widget (Thanks to Sage Techteam)

### Updated

- Navigation style controls format updated in every Carousel & Slider Type Widgets

## 5.3.2 [25th August 2020]

### Added

- Thumb Title HTML Tag option added in Post Slider Widget (Thanks to Marco Barbera)
- Icon position option added in Toggle Widget (Thanks to Thomas Breher)
- Link option on Icon added in Circle Info Widget (Thanks to Juanita Samborski)
- Legend, xAxes, yAxes Color Options added in Chart Widget

### Fixed

- Live Paste issue fixed for WP 5.5
- Title style issue fixed in Timeline Widget (Thanks Susi Carreira)
- Conflict with Elementor Pro Lottie Widget (Thanks to Chris Parrish)
- Minor issue solved in Reading Progress Widget (Thanks Mohamed Bakry)
- Border Radius issue Fixed in Image Accordion Widget (Thanks to Jason Lynch)
- Navigation icon issue fixed in Timeline Widget
- Closed label option fixed in Business Hours Widget (Thanks Henley Tan)
- Font size of price issue fixed in WC-Product Widget (Thanks Kornchai)
- Tooltip editor-style issue fixed in Iconnav Widget
- Content Height issue fixed in Fancy Tabs Widget

## 5.3.1 [31st July 2020]

### Fixed

- Element Pack tested for the upcoming Elementor 3.0.0 and fixed all issues. 
- Pause on Hover issue fixed in Advanced Image Gallery Widget (Thanks Radu Irhasiu)
- Layout broken on Firefox Browser fixed in Honeycombs Widget (Thanks Ingo Falk)

## 5.3.0 [26th July 2020]

### Added

- Visibility Control added for all widgets and sections
- Elementor Template Widget added in Appearance > widgets for show any pre-made template in the sidebar
- Skin Tiny Countdown Added in CountDown Widget
- Icon Area Custom Width Option added in Fancy Tabs Widget
- Sub Label show/hide option added in Gravity Forms Widget

### Fixed

- Hover animation issue fixed in Scroll Button Widget
- Play-list padding and Description Typography issue fixed in Video Gallery Widget
- Border issue fixed in Logo Grid Widget
- List left side spacing issue fixed in Price List Widget
- Min Height issue fixed in Scroll Image Widget
- Item spacing issue fixed in Table of content Widget
- Input spacing, width, button width issue fixed in Gravity Forms Widget
- Animation issue fixed in Advanced Progress Bar Widget (Thanks Abdoul Ouedraogo)

## 5.2.0 [17th July 2020]

### Added

- Hover Video Widget Added
- Image Accordion Widget Added
- Image Expand Widget Added
- User Name show/hide option added in User Login Widget
- Fancy Animation added in Scroll Button Widget
- Arrows animation added in Step Flow Widget
- Slide Per column option added in Testimonial Carousel Widget
- Pagination Option Added in Testimonial Grid Widget
- Header Text Color option added in Table Of Content Widget
- Close Button some control option added in Modal Widget
- Currency position & format option added in Price Table Widget

### Fixed

- Avatar showing issue fixed in User Login Widget(Thanks Kornchai Dilokchareamkun)
- Post Grid skin alite & Harold Text limit issue fixed(Thanks Adi Heutschi)
- Title and button icon spacing issue fixed in Post Grid Tab Widget
- Pagination offset issue fixed
- Meta color issue fixed in Post Slider Widget
- Icon position & spacing issue fixed in Modal Widget
- Minor issue solved in Animated Heading Widget
- Label & Placeholder default not showing issue fixed in Simple Contact Form Widget
- Button SVG icon default color issue fixed in Slider, Slideshow Widget
- SVG icon default color issue fixed in Toggle Widget
- Wc Add To Cart Not showing issue fixed in Add to cart Widget(Thanks Gerson Ruano)
- Icon Horizontal/vertical Offset issue fixed in Advanced Counter Widget
- Dropdown background color issue fixed in Table of Content Widgets
- Instagram API issue fixed you need to use a new Access token system for get work it

### Updated

- Description control option updated in Advanced Icon Box Widget

### Removed

- Content Position default option removed in Slider, SlideShow widget

### Noted

- Instagram widget comment and like count feature remove due to new API don't support like and comment count features.

## 5.1.1 [29th June 2020]

### Added

- Hover Box Skin Flexure Added
- Text shadow option added in Interactive Card and Featured box Widget
- Meta Divider Color option added in Carousel Widget
- SVG Icon color change option added in Flip Box Widget
- Hover Image effect added in Hover Box Widget

### Fixed

- link Icon size issue field in Custom Gallery Widget
- Category style issue fixed in Post Gallery Widget
- Coupon & update button style issue fixed in WC Element Cart Page
- Portfolio Janes Skin editor-style fixed
- Thumbnav color issue fixed in Thumb Gallery widget
- Icon position responsive issue fixed in Lottie Icon Box Widget (Thanks Abdoul Ouedraogo)
- Checkout Page Order Table style issue Fixed in WC Element Widget
- Order Tracking Form Button Style issue fixed in WC Element Widget
- Some color style issue fixed in Post Grid Widget
- Title link style issue fixed in Fancy Slider Widget
- Default style issue fixed in Fancy Card Widget
- Skin Olivier issue fixed in Timeline Widget (Thanks artemy leontyev, Jorge Morillas)
- Zoom Control style issue fixed in Open State Map Widget
- Navigation arrows responsive not showing issue fixed in Logo Carousel Widget

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