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Facebook connect & API integration

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The Facebook connect enable you to login a user into your website using his Facebook account, and the ability to request and display his Facebook information into your application or website (Facebook pages, posts, etc).


This script is a great code base if you plan implementing a Facebook connect feature into your apps!

Documentation and a demo example are included in the source code. We made it simple and clear so that you can understand how you can use the Facebook API into your app or website, and extend the functionalities to comply with the special needs of your application.


Updates 4 Aug 2019
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v3.3 and now requesting https
Updates 1 Apr 2017
– Updated to the latest Facebook API and bootstrap 3.3.7
– Cleaner code and one page demo
Updates 1 Oct 2015
– Fixed an issue when getting some users information
Updates 27 May 2014
– Update to the latest Facebook API v2
Updates 13 May 2013
– Updated the app with the latest Facebook changes and our newest code base
– Fixed a minor issue with the logout feature
Updates 15 Dec 2012
– Updated to the latest Facebook API changes and improved code
– Added a styled demo version, to the previous non styled demo page
– Updated the documentation
Updates 20 Sep 2011
– Update to Facebook new OAuth 2.0
Updates 12 Jan 2011
– Replaced the HTTP Referer variable (not supported by IE).
– Edited the update status function to avoid having the curl method to automatically display the call results.

Need to integrate Facebook widgets?

Check out our Facebook Plugins class and have a look to a demo page to see all what you can do with it !

The WordPress version of this script (with extended functionalities)

You can find the Facebook plugin on this page: Facebook WPress for WordPress

Facebook connect & API integration - 1

The Google Plus version

Enable your visitors to connect using their Google Plus account.

Facebook connect & API integration - 2

BUY FOR $10.00