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Update Logs

20th December 2020 | Version 2.6.2

> Fixed: On load archive page in app view form fields display
> Fixed: On edit listing preselected features are not checked
> Fixed: On submit & edit listing location with map pin doesn't work
> Fixed: Issue submitting listing when using fill-o-bot
> Fixed: HTML Entities code is showing on the frontend
> Fixed: Claimed listing doesn't show lead-form if admin select the option to show it
> Fixed: On Edit Listing Page if media is mandatory form is unable to successfully submit

10th December 2020 | Version 2.6.1

> Updated: Minor security update.
> Fixed: nearby listings does not show the nearest lists
> Fixed: PayPal amount with fixed coupon was not correct
> Fixed: In user dashboard inbox date translation
> Fixed: Tagline on LP posts element must be of 100 character
> Fixed: Count of listings on location elements.
> Fixed: Near me filters units
> Fixed: Permalinks not updating.

7th December 2020 | Version 2.6

> Updated: Days on event app view detail page are now translated
> Fixed: Pages Footer Menu issue in App View.
> Fixed: On mobile archive on App View 1 open now filter
> Fixed: On App view open now filter doesn't work
> Fixed: Weekdays Adding Multiple Time.
> Fixed: Listing Open now and Close Now Issue.
> Fixed:  Coupons time according to timezones in the world
> Fixed:  Plan Price with decimals throws an error while changing plan.
> Fixed: During claim plans name were not coming right
> Fixed: Change plan from backend does not change the days of the plan
> Fixed: If Hide google ads in pricing plan is on, it doesn't show on front-end.
> Fixed: With Unlimited Duration Plan, on payment checkout Page show Duration: Days.
> Fixed: Booking start and end slot are not working according to the time of listing.
> Fixed: Archive page layout destroy on list view.
> Fixed: Ads Campaign Days was not Translatable.
> Fixed: On the event User dashboard there is Facebook and twitter is not translatable.
> Fixed: On checkout page unlimited days were not shown
> Fixed:  Banner side search without main text heading not showing
> Fixed: On Archive Page List view address showing just location
> Fixed: FES builder did not allow to update the custom fields
> Fixed: Side search banner does not show the placeholders
> Fixed: Listing categories element Abstract View 2, only 7 categories display.

6th December 2020 | Version 2.5.14

> Updated: Security hardening to fix recently discovered vulnerabilities
> Fixed: When full address set mandatory it also make mandatory "manual co-ordinates" 
> Fixed: On Edit Listing Page While Removing Categories the layout changes.
> Fixed: If Unselect All The Features It Did not Update The Feature To Empty.
> Fixed:  In dashboard booking translations
> Fixed: On location archive page filters does not filter the selected location listing
> Fixed: Advanced filters does not show if the form fields are created by FES Builder
> Fixed: Multi-criteria ratings doesn't work with the categories having "&" in their title
> Fixed: Exclusive form fields vanishes by changing category

28th October 2020 | Version 2.5.13

> Updated: WPBakery Page builder updated
> Fixed: PayPal issue after changing plan with coupon.
> Fixed: PayPal incorrect Price after applying Fix price coupon.
> Fixed: Duplicate pages when importing all demos (WPBakery/Elementor)
> Fixed: Payment Failed page was set as Default.
> Fixed: With Redux latest version Form Fields Edit/Delete options not working.
> Fixed: Transparent Footer Background option not working.
> Fixed: Unable to change section name on Submit listing Page.
> Fixed: Add new text field with placeholder, placeholder will not work.
> Fixed: Required in not working on all Fields.
> Fixed: Categories including "& operator" in their names, are not woking with Multi-rating.
> Fixed: After importing theme PAYMENT FAILED page was set as Default.
> Fixed: Price Plan name doesn't show on Claim.
> Fixed: Proceed to Payment Button is disabled when proceed to pay to Claimed listing.
> Fixed: Total Amount is incorrect on Ads Invoice.
> Fixed: On Menu > Fixed: Group "Tooltip" was not giving any information.
> Fixed: Ad Campaign Page in App view, shows Transaction Date instead of Start Date.
> Fixed: RestaurantPro not getting images from server.
> Fixed: Categories Icon on banner was invisible after importing theme.
> Fixed: Add Type or Group button on Menu adding multiple entries.
> Fixed: Lead Form SENT FROM emails changed from Admin Email to Listing Author email
> Improved: Several UI/UX issues has been fixed for desktop and App View

17th September 2020 | Version 2.5.12

> Improved: Design Improvement.
> Improved: Validations Improvement.
> Fixed: Issue with quick tip
> Fixed: Issue with appointments and lead form on WordPress hosting
> Fixed: Issue with *most reviewed* filter after a review is deleted
> Fixed: Auto-recurring issue with PayPal.
> Fixed: Front-end submit listing pg issue with Features when using category exclusive plan.
> Fixed: Issue with uploading featured image or logo in wp-admin.
> Fixed: Issue with tax on wire bank transfer invoice.
> Fixed: Issue logout button option in theme option was not working.
> Fixed: Issue with Listing Schedule with Free Plan on change plan days not updating.
> Fixed: Issue with Sign-in Link On Submit Listing Page.
> Fixed: Issue with Inbox Notification Alert.
> Fixed: Issue with Importing Elementor dummy content.
> Fixed: Spacing issue with some of the Page Builder Elements.
> Fixed: Translation strings added.
> Fixed: Issue with recurring payment.
> Fixed: (Mobile) Issue with coupon timer on App-View And inactive coupon also.
> Fixed: (Mobile) Issue in App-View auto current location & get current location in city field.

2nd September 2020 | Version 2.5.11

> Improved: Change Plan Price Popup Style UX.
> Fixed: Latest Subscription Shows at the bottom of the page.
> Fixed: On Ads Campaign Page "ALL ADD CAMPAING" link was not working.
> Fixed: Listings not Searchable by Location.
> Fixed: Listing cannot be submitted without name and category.
> Fixed: Review images on activities issue.
> Fixed: Issues with demo data with Elementor.
> Fixed: Campaign price text overflow.
> Fixed: On edit listing if featured image not picked it's auto picked from gallery
> Fixed: If FES Form Builder is on, quick tip for categories not working on edit listing
> Fixed: Razorpay add-on (separate) doesn't show until another payment add-ons is enabled.

14th August 2020 | Version 2.5.10

> Fixed: Unable to submit listing from wp-admin after WordPress update to 5.5
> Fixed: Unable to add gallery from wp-admin after WordPress update to 5.5
> Fixed: Coupon not saving time feature
> Fixed: Exact match of categories on the pricing plan page
> Fixed: Coupon doesn't display within content area or sidebar area option
> Fixed: Font awesome icon display issue on listing detail page

8th August 2020 | Version 2.5.9

> Fixed: Required button on FES
> Fixed: Unselect all currencies from theme option
> Fixed: Tax Rate Validation in Theme Option
> Fixed: Coupon Discount Price Validation
> Fixed: Campaign Total Paid Amount in invoices using Stripe Payment Gateway
> Fixed: Subscription not canceled after change listing plan using PayPal
> Fixed: Coupon Discount Price issues in Invoices using PayPal
> Fixed: Plan Price is empty in Email After transaction with PayPal.
> Fixed: PayPal unsubscribe button issue
> Fixed: Stripe price in popup issue
> Fixed: Calculation with number format digits
> Fixed: Claim free planned listing does not assign the plan by PayPal, Stripe or Bank transfer
> Fixed: Duration of claimed listing not showing
> Fixed: Coupon Details is Duplicating
> Fixed: If we edit list from expired or published tab it will direct the unknown list edit page
> Fixed: If we select a page for app view category blocks get removed
> Improved: Enhanced theme for Paystack add-on support. (Paystack addon is sold separately)

Note: Several minor design improvements and typos also were addressed in this update.

2nd July 2020 | Version 2.5.8

> Update: WPBakery 6.2 version updated.
> Improved: ListingPro Wizard after the bulk import process.
> Fixed: Claim form validation issue with privacy policy enabled.
> Fixed: Menu Image Is Not Editable when Menu Image Gallery Is Enabled.
> Fixed: Image thumb and listing address missing on map grid with listing compact view.
> Fixed: Next Payment Price is shown on subscription pg instead of the next payment data.
> Fixed: Recent listing does not show when listing order is by Claim or Review.
> Fixed: Coupon list view SHOW CODE button is not working on the listing detail page.
> Fixed: Form Fields Duplication on edit listing page Admin end.
> Fixed: Drop pin issue when page built with Elementor.
> Fixed: Event calendar modern style month start date.
> Fixed: Mobile Reviews Star Issue.
> Fixed: Open now filter pagination issue.
> Fixed: FTP Upload Error resolved.
> Fixed: Submit Listing Page Keyword / Tag Label enabled now.
> Fixed: Open now filter pagination issue.
> Fixed: FTP Upload Error resolved.
> Fixed: Submit Listing Page Keyword / Tag Label enabled now.
> Fixed: App View Category Page Filters.
> Fixed: Near Me Filter Pagination Issue.
> Fixed: Submit Listing reCaptcha Issue.

18th March 2020 | Version 2.5.7

> Fixed : License activation issue on unsecured servers (HTTP).
> Fixed : License host issue (SSL).
> Fixed : Competitor's ads issue on app view.
> Fixed : Listing thumbnail issue on a map pin.
> Fixed : Coupon status remains inactive.
> Fixed : App view header search is not working.
> Fixed : Pricing plan issue on monthly and annually type.
> Fixed : Typo mistakes correction.
> Fixed : Pricing plan listing count fixed.
> Fixed : Multi-location with google is not working (FES).
> Fixed : (Result for undefined) on the category archive page fixed.
> Fixed: Pagination issue when the best match is active.
> Fixed : Pagination issue on child feature archive.
> Fixed : App view show coupon code is not working.
> Fixed : Menu price or external URL conflict while editing a menu.
> Fixed : Author page contact form fixed when the Lead Form plugin is activated.
> Fixed : Author page contact form fixed.
> Fixed : Author listing pagination issue.
> Fixed : Google map issue on app view 2.
> Fixed:  Stripe issue when the total price in decimal (x.xx).
> Fixed : Submit-listing page with Elementor feature problem.
> Fixed : Listing not appearing on archive pages (when sort by 'most reviewed ETC').
> Fixed : Translation strings added. Quick Tip Issue On Description & Listing Tag's  ( With Form Bilder )
> Fixed : Front end menu image issue
> Fixed : ON LISTING EDIT FAQS Data Lost
> Fixed : FAQ text not changing on adding more when FES Builder is activated
> Fixed : Remove coupon filter in new search style
> Fixed : promotional timeline widget with Elementor is not working
> Fixed : Elementor Event Widget Problem

28th January 2020 | Version 2.5.6

> Fixed : Event detail in app view not working
> Fixed : License activation on same domain re-installed WordPress does not work
> Fixed : Near me km issue in style 4th style
> Fixed : Near me filter radius bar hiding behind Skelton loader.
> Fixed : Filters on mobile on front not working
> Fixed : Expired Listing Count On VC Element
> Fixed : Style 3 near me filter
> Fixed : FES Features are not Working
> Fixed : Listing Entries
> Fixed : ReCaptcha problem on submit listing
> Fixed : Alert on author archive
> Fixed : Elementor problem on listing categories widgets
> Fixed : View Menu Button On App View 2
> Fixed : App View Event Detail Page  
> Fixed : App View 2 Archive Page Listing Image
> Fixed : App View 2 Archive Page Map Marker Icon

18th January 2020 | Version 2.5.5

> Fixed : Parent/child category selection issue
> Fixed : Booking in AppView
> Fixed : Near Me on Style 3
> Fixed : Recaptcha on Edit Listing
> Fixed : Sanitization

15th January 2020 | Version 2.5.4

> Fixed : ReCaptcha fixed for listing details page built with Elementor.
> Fixed : Events calendar map issue
> Fixed : Tax calculation
> Fixed : Lead form when save goes in loop if listing not selected.
> Fixed : Unable to edit/save lead form via frontend user dashboard 
> Fixed : Lead form frontend all dropdown fields z-index issue
> Fixed : Events grid display issue
> Fixed : Listing details address alignment
> Fixed : Review/multi-rating errors related to all-reviews.php
> Fixed : After using pagination on archive page style 3 results all categories
> Fixed : Elementor's categories element issue.
> Fixed : XSS security issue fixed related to direct value input in URL.

10th January 2020 | Version 2.5.3

> Fixed : Styling of Email Template is reset after update.
> Fixed : Business hours quick tip in form builder
> Fixed : License activation on previously activated domain
> Fixed : Leads form extra fields not showing
> Fixed : Inbox conversation message
> Fixed : Menu image url when popular switch on.
> Fixed : Submit listing edit with Elementor.
> Fixed : Listing detail page style 3 & 4 responsive map no display .
> Fixed : Location archive app view 2 layout issue.
> Fixed : Embedded video issue.
> Fixed : App view listing post element slider issue.
> Fixed : Edit listing with form builder FAQs issue.
> Fixed : Booking cancel/approve email notification.
> Fixed : Form Builder title place holder.
> Fixed : Add paid listing checkout page sorry you have no paid listing yet.
> Fixed : App view 1 login form hides behind search bar.

8th January 2020 | Version 2.5.2

> Fixed : Mobile list/grid
> Fixed : Compatibility wizard optimized
> Fixed : Submit listing error
> Fixed : App view gris issue
> Fixed : App view image menu link
> Fixed : Lead form template save issue
> Fixed : Map view issue on archive
> Fixed : Map issue on app view
> Fixed : Booking plugin translation
> Fixed : Filter display issue on app view
> Fixed : Inbox leads
> Fixed : Grid/List switcher issue
> Fixed : Video display issue fixed of 
> Fixed : Rating alert date
> Fixed : Responsive login style 2 popup not working
> Fixed : Events map pin image path issue
> Fixed : Events submission failed highlight missed required fields

4th January 2020 | Version 2.5.1

> Updated : WPBakery 6.1
> Fixed : License activation CURL issue
> Fixed : Coupon issue

3rd January 2020 | Version 2.5.0

v2.5 was actually launched on 2nd January at 7:30PM PST USA Timezone. The item page shows 3rd as the update date as Envato goes by Australia's timezone. Sorry for the confusion and thank you so much for your support and patience.

> Added : [Major] Directory Admin Dashboard (Hard to believe but it's true 
> Added : [Major] Appointment Booking
> Added : Command Center (Centrally manage LP Add-ons, Visualizer Modules and License)
> Added : OpenStreetMaps (Free alternative to Google Maps)
> Added : [Major] FES Form Builder (Create front-end listing submission form the way you want)
> Added : Events Calendar (Elementor/WPBakery element with various styles)
> Added : Events Attendees list, with option to send bulk msg to all attendees or export list. 
> Added : [Major] Lead Form Builder (New Plugin) *Option for listing owners to build their own form*
> Added : [Major] Category based Multi-Criteria Rating Builder
> Added : [Major] Elementor Page Builder Support
> Added : WPBakery Front-End Editor Support
> Added : Categories based Multi-Criteria Ratings
> Added : Set listing order priority for search result (Order by Claimed, Date, Title, etc)
> Added : Google Analytics for Business Listing Owners
> Added : Sort Reviews for a Listing
> Added : Sidebar Filter
> Added : Menu (Food/Service) redesigned (major revamp)
> Added : Integration with WPForm Lite (For Contact Form Only)
> Added : Skeleton loaders for archive pages.
> Added : New Grid/List styles
> Added : Simple integration with online food delivery service (Uber Eats, Zomato, etc)
> Added : New Home Banner Style
> Added : User Dashboard: Listings View Counter & Published Date
> Added : Elementor/WPBakery custom element to add specific listing by ID
> Added : 2nd Sign/Signup Form design
> Added : Full-view banner style option for listing details page with single image.
> Added : Show lead form only on claimed listing
> Added : Option to hide Grid/List switcher on archive page

> Improved : Search Intellisense enhancement: (1st) Keywords + (2nd) Titles
> Improved : Advanced filter optimized
> Improved : Claim Form Major Redesign + Option to attach file
> Improved : Pricing Plan Enhancement: Show monthly breakdown of annual pricing plans
> Improved : Pricing Plan Enhancement: Set images size & quantity limit
> Improved : Pricing Plan Enhancement: Hide Google Ad (enable for free or paid users)
> Improved : Theme Options tiles & descriptions for better understanding
> Improved : Invoices layout
> Improved : WP All Import - Listing logo bulk import 
> Improved : User dashboard UX/UI enhancements (Incl. Inbox, Events, Ads Campaign, etc)

> Updated : ReCaptcha v3

For more details checkout the following article:

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