Point Of Interest (POI) Auto Map


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Create Location Aware Sites In Minutes

Poi Auto Map combines the power of Google’s Maps and Places APIs to give
you a simple way to add highly interactive Point of Interest maps to your
website. All you need to do is define a starting address and a list of point
of interest categories and POI Auto Map does the rest. Move the map and watch
the points update. You can also define a database connection from which to
source your POI points. This is the largest update yet in both features and performance.

Works well in any website as an add on or as a mobile / touch website on its own.

See a working example here: http://api.australele.com/local/v5.2.5/

See a working mobile / geolocation example here: http://api.australele.com/local/v5.2/mobile/

New In Version 5.2.5 (23/10/2013):

  • Database Import / Export Using CSV file format – download & edit your databse records
  • Place Search Now includes auto complete
  • Automatic Menu CSS creation based on categories
  • Better feedback for zero results from places API
  • Minor Interface Improvements

New In Version 5.2 (10/1/2013):

  • Option to include Google Places Photo in InfoWindow (Marker Bubble)
  • Option to include Google Places Ratings in InfoWindow (Marker Bubble)
  • Improved InfoWindow Linking
    • POI title now links to the poi’s website if they have one (instead of Google Places page)
  • Minor Interface Improvements

New In Version 5.1 (27/1/2012):

  • Language / Region Selection
  • Directions Mode Selection
  • Interface enhancements

New In Version 5.0:

  • Google Places Integration
    • Access Google Place Information
    • Use Google Places Types
    • Combine Types with search by name for more granular results.
    • Returns multiple results limited only by search radius setting.
    • Uses JSON result set for best performance (Requires PHP 5+ on server)
    • Can use Googles POI icons for places locations
  • Geolocation – Location Aware
    • Automatically find your current location
    • Ideal for Mobile Applications
  • Mobile / Full Screen Example Included
    • Includes JS / HTML and CSS
    • Works well on ios / android / wm, phones and tablets
    • Have infowindow content be shown in an external DIV instead on the standard info window bubble
  • Improved Interface
    • Scrolling Categories List
    • Expand / Collapse Categories List
  • Database Performance
    • Database records are now returned as JSON.
    • Significantly faster for large record sets.
  • Removed Items
    • Panoramio and Wikipedia Layers
    • XML File Processing

New In Version 4.0:

  • Google Maps API v3.0
    • Re written for Google Maps API v3.0
    • keyless api
    • faster mapping / geocaching
  • Removed XML file processing
  • External Info Window

    New In Version 3.0:

    • Database connector
      • Add Markers to the map from your own database
      • Assign custom marker icons to each group or each individual point
      • Add your own custom HTML to the marker point’s popup
      • Street View and Driving Directions Included
      • Only markers from the database that are on the current map area are
        loaded – better speed.
      • Batch / Bulk Geocoding tool included – convert addresses to latitude,
        longitude pairs
      • Must be running PHP 5.1 or better and MySQL
    • User Printable Street Directions
      • Customize what gets printed with your own logo

    v2.0 Features:

    • Integrated Streetview
    • User Search categories
    • Search for locations
    • Photo and wikipedia layers
    • Simple Integration
    • 100% Native Javascript – No Jquery, MooTools, etc
    • Fully CSS stylable
    • Full Documentation Included
    • Full Geocoding – Just provide an address. No messing with Latitude
      and Longitude
    • Dynamic results – no DB or data entry required if you don’t want
      to connect to a database

    Perfect For:

    • Location Based Services
    • Mobile Direction Sites
    • Creating an advanced Location / Contact page on your site
    • Realtor / Estate Agents
    • Community Guides
    • Restaurant Guides
    • Photo Galleries