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– Version: 13.2.0 – ChangelogDocs
– Last update: 27 March 2020
– Files Included: Full Source code of React App Builder – Site and Mobile App
– This is Exclusive Product License from Envato.

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Power up your React App Builder with Landing Page for just 22$.

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Power up your React App Builder with preview app where your clients can login and preview the apps the make for just 49$.

Important: Automation level

The process of making an iPhone app is not fully automated.

At the moment there is no way to fully automated the process of uploading and submitting an iPhone app to Apple for your clients.
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About React App Builder

React App builder is DIY – Do it yourself mobile app builder where you can make an unlimited number of ios and android apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change log

v13.4.0 7 Aug 2020

Expo SDK 38
Mail fixes
Icon fixes

v13.3.0 21 April 2020

App producer on VPS fix.

v13.2.0 27 March 2020

Fix Builder: Send email to cloud only if cloud
Fix App: App Producer fix

v13.1.0 11 March 2020

Fix: Bug fix for gifted chat on win os
Improvement: Square image accept only for image

v13.0.0 10 March 2020

Improvement: New app redesign based on Galio and Material Design RN Framework
Improvement: Super simple install on Netlify
Improvement: Simpler local setup
Removed: Firebase Cloud Functions
Added: Netlify Lambda functions
Removed: PayPal payments - will be added soon
Improvement: Easier and simple app coloring
Added: Direct email sending to admin 
Removed: Automated android app production on PC

04 Dec 19 v 12.0.4

Error Fixed on uploading Cloud Functions

05 Nov 19 v 12.0.3

- Accept Manual payments ( Bank Payments )
- Better user management
- Take screenshots directly in Browser

12 Oct 19 v 12.0.2

- Inserting pricing images bug removed
- In the terminal, you can now use **rab** instead of **rabinstaller**
- No Need to TinyMCE API key
- Workflow for submitting iPhone app
- Easier AppMaker docs cloning

- Item uncategorized state
- Preview app display

12 Oct 12 v 12.0.1

   - Deploy on Firebase hosting, now doesn't ask questions

10 Oct 19 v 12.0


- Landing page
- Preview app requirement

- Preview app in a browser
- Added free version.
- Admin can create apps without a subscription.
- Install/Setup via local CLI

- Improved validation before creating the app.

- Fixed changing user full name.
- After adding a new translation page not reloading.

10.09.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 11.0 changelog

 - Added free version.
 - Admin can create apps without subscription.
 - Added Easy setup on VPS. 

 - Improvements in validation before creating the app.
 - Improvements in web view section.
 - Removed Blank template.
 - Improvements in section type in General section.

 - After adding new translation page not reloading.
 - Fixed changing user full name.
 - Users permissions.
 - Firestore drop-down category picker works with one object.
 - Orders permissions - limited by app.
 - Better references in collections configuration.
 - Changes in QR code.

07.09.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 10.9 changelog

 - Better easy setup script
 - Web Setup

 - Collection referencing was incorrect
 - QR Code was not printing in Preview page

07.03.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 10.8 changelog

 - Easy Setup - Install Via Virtual Machine

06.12.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 10.7 changelog

 - Added Google Analytics

 - Updated the social icons in landing page.
 - Updated user dropdown menu rules
 - Updated settings menu in display
 - Updated adding new translation 
 - Updated preview link 
 - Updated settings page preview
 - Updated default translation
 - Event Date after initial set, was un-editable.

05.24.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 10.6 changelog

 - Video in Landing Page

05.22.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 10.5

 - Problem in Cloud Function, 404 Not Found: authorizeccc@latest

05.17.2019 – To see full update instructions visit v 10.4

 - Shopify and Radio collections now can be set from the admin panel
 - Anonymous login
 - Possibility for functions on the list row description
 - Sort collection and intems on the Order field

 - Better sync functions for Shopify and Radio
 - App was asking for camera permissions at start.
 - Show image only if needed in list.

 - When app name is changed, app slug is also changed
 - News section was missing in the insert
 - HTML Display in details had problems.
 - Notification fixes when opened
 - All items where selected in category

2 May 19 v 10.3

- Automated Radio and Shopify sync
- The app can't be deleted if already in the queue
- Emails are now sent from App Producer script, not from the cloud functions
- Web View fix
-  User is now notified when a section is added bug fix
-  Removed node package in Mobile App that makes a problem - ui-kitten
4 March 19 v 10
- SaaS Ready
-- Payments
-- Landing Page
-- Cloud Functions
- Automated App Making
- User managment
- Bug fixes
- Easier docs
7 December 18 Admin: ver 9.1.0 App: 9.0.0
 -  We have added new Chat App Template
 -  New Section: Chat
 -  New Section:  Find contact
 -  Bug Fix: Error on inserting news categories
 -  Bug Fix: Missing config for category references
 -  Admin Design changes, simpler app creation
 -  Admin code reorganization
 -  Mobile code reorganization
24 October 18  Admin: ver 9.0.0 App: ver 8.0.0
 - Push notification per app
 - Link opens in news app 
 - Easier config
2 October 18 - Initial